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Kafaltari of Syangja place of Nepal

Kafaltari of Syangja place of Nepal

Kafaltari of Syangja place of Nepal since the morning time we have arrived in this place at 8 or 7 is to reach there. Then that person will be waiting for us there. He is like the youngest man who they have waiting for us there. Since the morning time, he has called it out there. Due to some block under the road construction over there. It is late we have arrived at which the mentioned time there. Even they have some difficult road will be faced out there. 

There is a small village area in which the people will be left there. Since there is a long time he has running it out this business to give better service with the customer there. There is already sunrise in the sky to see there. We have crossed it out the pool from that place to move ahead of that place. There is also a small road which will be constructed there. But the road condition isn’t good for going there. 

When I reach that place I shot some video clicks into my mobile device to share some new vlogs post for the youtube channel to share with friends. Even some of the people who need to read it well under this blog will be mention there. There is a rice paddy that will be yellow into the land there. During this month it will be started to cut the grass of Rice paddy there. 

I love this nature and beauty of that location which I going to that place to move on there. Really like much better to see this evergreen land over there. This one I just visiting there today.  

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