Working Place on Sewa Agro on Pokhara

Working Place on Sewa Agro on Pokhara

Working Place on Sewa Agro on Pokhara since moring that person will be called it out father calling they have fixed the Thori mill problem there. They have known it well for this one for nicely under there. Even they have produced will make them on machinery part over there. Then our working place over there. Then it took many times over there. Time to time we working over there. Since the days I took an image over there. Even the people will be called with us here. 

Today he has gone to that place. There was little work in the mill. And that’s what we did. And it was very crowded when we were in that place. And that mill wasn’t like Machinery’s work. I have missed a lot today. I don’t know where I have gone to work on my blog today.

It was very hot in that place and it is hard to work because of the heat. You don’t know how to do your job. And our father has worked. And he has done good things in the mill, he has done good things with my brothers. And I will do my own thing. And there are a lot of people in that mill who come to Lakeside.

People who know me at the mill speak. And we have done a good job. Here is what we have to say. It’s in the shop and it’s in the mill. People come to the shop. In this place of today, I have spoken to you. And you may go to this mill and take service. This mill has a lot of services that will be available there. 

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