Today I went to that Muktinath Rice Mill

Today I went to that Muktinath Rice Mill

Today I went to that Muktinath Rice Mill during at days time we reach out from that place to checking it out the problem with their machinery. Since he will be calling my father’s phone number there. Then we move on there. Since yesterday we spent a little busy in Hospital from 8 to 11am from spend on the hospital there. That why we cannot move on immediately going that place move on it. Since yesterday I cannot never update the post over there. 

Some of the people have made it scarce for us here. That why I cannot post anywhere else to mention it here. After we reach out that place moves on there. The owner of that person was working to bring soap of Mundy land into infornt because the water will come on it there. He put there sandy over there with wheels there. 

We also went to the mill with the man who was running the mill. And we opened it. And I cleaned it myself after the coal. And that’s what Tulas did. And he had cleaned the boat. And there was such a problem at the boat mill. And that person has moved, I have also helped.

He thought he was doing what he was doing, and he did. And people have done it themselves to solve the problem. We took a lot of you and I also knew a lot. The man was also very happy. We have to do our job. And it gets easier after working.

Father was doing his job. I also helped him and Father had returned to Bayern. And he brought Bairin. And we have brought it from a nearby shop. And that work was done. And you have to run it well. He has cleaned the mill completely. There was a lot of garbage in Machinery.

The work we did was that dirty woman that guy was the fruit of the road. And then he said it himself while talking. What people are trying to do. Today’s problem is just that you have been here.


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