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Shall Online Class is Possible in Nepal

Shall Online Class is Possible in Nepal

Shall Online Class is Possible in Nepal Due to Corona in Nepal, this online class has started, but the post in an online class and the post in real with Teacher is different, but it is also easier in an online class. And it is very good to stay at home and get a position in the class, but the promises are also very bad. Those things have to be seen by the parents as well. But how do small children understand their homework and write their homework in their online class and how to leave it at that?

People who have money are people who don’t have money. Even with the donor pack, their sons have not been promoted. And how can that be done? We have to pay for the internet and others have to see it too. We have to understand everything. But people have not learned that position by going to other people’s houses. There’s nothing we can do about it because of Corona. In Nepal, it is not even possible to take an online class, which means that the promises will be very effective.

But even your parents have not heard this. This is a class join on how to pay for the poverty of the Internet in other homes. The government has to do this. Tips and donors are not going well everywhere. Even your sons and daughters are not promoted. Corona has made us all very sad. It has not been able to go to my school and get a good post and writing.

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