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Lightning strikes in Jumla kill 500 sheep

Lightning strikes in Jumla kill 500 sheep

Lightning strikes in Jumla kill 500 sheep According to Kali Bahadur Rawat, Ward Chairman of Patarasi-4, farmers are heading towards the site. The exact details of the damage will come soon. Chief Administrative Officer Tek Bahadur Budhathapa said that the lightning struck the ancestral profession of the sheep farmers of the village.

This is how bad I felt after hearing News and I didn’t feel good after reading this post News. And it hurts when you have to do your own thing. And it is a great thing to be struck by lightning. I am also saddened by the news of the death of a sheep. After dying so much, the person who took care of him was also sad. Sheep rearing is not a small thing. There is no other sorrow like sheep.

This is the place where we live in the mountains above the sheep. People like us can’t follow it. What a pity if the people who raise them. How painful it is for a sheep to die, and how bad it is for others to think so. The person may have cried a lot. It would have been nice to see this day of Hork with such grief.

If we were to sit in that place and watch, what would it be like? I wonder what to hear when the sheep are struck by lightning. But this is the first time I’ve heard this news. And you may have heard such noises in other years as well.

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