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Bye Bye Ashar Month 2077 B.S

Bye Bye Ashar Month 2077 B.S

Bye Bye Ashar Month 2077 B.S it will be running upto 31 days for this year. Sometimes it might be 32/30 per day happen to see into a different year. During this month their heavy rainfall react over the side of the hill part of country Nepal. Since this time is a monsoon season it will be brought to see the evergreen forest will see it. Some of the people making paddy rice growth with mud land of collect water into the Ashar 15 every year.

Some of the places will be making a danger zone because due to heavy rainfall it will be making it more effective to get chance a to landslide into the village area and the Terai region. People are still facing the problem of landslides and floods. They have left everything while making to goes landslide. Due to see evergreen forest the flood of landslides goes on there. In Ashar month the people of the village area were busy with agriculture.

We have seen different items or products that will be seen on the market side of vegetables. We have seen a fresh vegetable item. But we need to clean vegetables due to rainfall land will be included inside and outside part. Under this month, our new house 2nd floor cannot be finesh it. Satan Takdar will make late doing for work there. One of the people will give me make angry due to the conversation phone call make a fake info share with me.

Some of part listen to the news of flood and landslides. Even our new house slow going the landslides one part of landfall in. During the Covid-19 the vehicle wouldn’t able to go anywhere due to this virus. The long drive bus isn’t open. Only the product of raw material vehicles will be running it out. Such as Gas, petrol, diesel and many more come it one place to another place.

We need to bye-bye this Ashar month 2077 next year will come it again. This month I have to go to my month’s birthday month also to. Even I miss my birthday month which I celebrate. This year its really bad year we cannot move to another place due to the coronavirus effect. Soon it will be ended this virus also too. The rest of vehicle will be open it there. I remember this month’s rainfall and channel monetization into my channel also too.

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