Bills of My scotor servicing at Showroom

Bills of My scotor servicing at Showroom

Bills of My scotor servicing at Showroom after 6 months ago I went to visit it there. When I got these bills to update to share with under blog post to mention with us here. Sometimes we need to be calculated with the amount of money to received to given on to pay with the company. When I see the one by one list the name of an item over there. There is a big amount of price were mention there. Even we are the customer should be paid the tax for the government also too.

We should make a line of with noted the name of scotor name and under that scotor to paid it. All the data were will be put into the system-wise to see it. When I look into the system of computers over there. Name and scotor number will be going on that system-wise to there. We need to be pay and safe for doing working in the showroom. But they have mentioned its high rate while charging on the machinery part.

The money will be spent after leaving. And what people get is bills. There was a lot of money in today’s bill but I have paid not only small money but also big money. Now I had put all my money. And it was light in the pocket, but it also had to be serviced at the time. And the scooter has to be run well. It is easier to do the trick yourself. There is a difference between what others do and what they do.

I have taken a good look at my mobile. Please take a good look and see how you feel. I told you that I will accept the new post, but the list of expenses is still very long, but I will accept it. You can see my lists in the box below.

S.N No. Description Quantity Unit Unit price Amount
1. 4.154 Sprinta 4T F 300 APL SM 20W40 1 PCS 606.19 606.19
2. K6320590 BRAKE SHOE 1 SET 355.75 355.75
3. G4011180 SPARK PLUG 4S WITHOUT F 1 PCS 238.94 238.94
4. K6040690 FILTER HOLDER COMP 1 PCS 438.05 438.05
5. 2.420L JUT 1 PCS 53.10 53.10
6. K6170210 CABLE ASSY BRAKE FRONT L 1 PCS 433.63 433.63
7. K6170010 CABKE ASSY FRONT BRAKE 1 PCS 261.06 261.06
8. K6170020 CABKE ASSY REAR BRAKE 1 PCS 577.88 577.88
9. 2.154 NUT BOLT 10 KO 1 “ 3 PCS 13.27 13.27
10. K3110690 SPRING BRAKE CABLE REAR 1 PCS 24.78 24.78
11. K6160300 BRAND BATTERY WEGO 1 PCS 52.21 52.21


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