My Saturday blog Story Part 18

My Saturday blog Story Part 18

My Saturday blog Story Part 18 I wake up from early in the moring time at 7 am. When I wake up from my own bedroom I take some fresh wash with water into the kitchen room. Then I take some hot water to drink it there. Then I take a cup of tea over it there. After finish, It that then I take some time I go into the own toilet for a long time there. Then I come back own room to see a vlogs post under the website. Firstly I watch it out Facebook to log in to my device phone to see news over there.

After 9 am I take a launch with the kitchen room further going it outside the place to move on that location under the Naudanda place of Kaski place which we move that place to check the service of the machinery part. When we move forward with a ride of scotor from our own home. We move from Sarangkot from the place of Pokhara valley to move that place. For Hemja place there is no road condition that isn’t good it well for it.

After we reach that location firstly we check-up that machinery part of a line of current over that machinery home over there. Then we take some rest over that place. After a long time, we see a very much evergreen place to enjoy a beautiful place. Then we move on to another that place to checking the machinery part to check it out again next place in the same place there. We are working that current line over there. Then we check up the Pulisar to check to fixed set new Bayern over there.

We move again towards the Pokhara to fix at material come back own home to take breakfast there. Then we move forwards to that place again. Before we going that new road of Pokhara valley to checking to fix that part of machinery into the workshop there. He was working there. Some of a few minutes it will be ready for it. He said we made to eat with Goat meat into your own home. Then we take it that meat to bring our own home in the evening time.

After finish the work of machinery part on Naudanda place of Kaski then we move forward that mention the place take off that meat over there. Then I take a call with him over it there. Then I take call with him. He makes ready then I take added more money over there. After we arrived home. Father was doing to make meat with firewood on down floor there.  Then my Saturday blog story part 18 will be ended here.

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