Today I Visit Prabhu Bank Limited At Bagar

Today I Visit Prabhu Bank Limited At Bagar

Today I Visit Prabhu Bank Limited At Bagar at on 10:30 am at Nepali time I went with my scooter to visiting this bank for some amount of money was deposited over it there. I arrived on near that mention time. But there is one person who stayed to note a name of personal address and mobile number and take sanitised put in hand.

While I enter into the geet side the security guard was taking a check of Covid-19 Thermalgun to check a people. But I don’t ask them while which day it will be open this bank into bank branch side of Prabhu bank. Mention saw into the image bank of the board which I capture into the image of the bank.

Security guard given me as like a token way to going one by one through stand online with social distant of Covid-19 virus will be entered into your health care. Firstly while I enter into the bank I said phone call that mentions number which I find out from Google help. Then I call it there. She will be received a phone then I ask it they shall this bank will be open and again can we cash deposit more than a thousand crosses in Esewa.

I didn’t take my money and tokens with me and other people were already taking them. And I also waited for a while. And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes. I waited for a while. For a moment it was my turn. And when I looked at There, the counter people had said that the fund would not be loaded today. He told me that you have a bird for a while.

I was on the phone and I was on the phone. The people at the bank also told me that the staff was loaded on you. Head Office had to do it. I received a notification of service at 1:10 minutes. After’s 10 Minutes phone call came to me from the bank because I had told you earlier to let me go. He told me to move here and he came to me.

My number was also sold here. And I was talking on the phone with your number here. You have to look at the little things, you have to check the things that you have done with the deposit. And don’t throw away the voucher you have made. That money is the fund of the load that comes into your account. This is what happened to me today. How was your day at the bank?

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