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Nowadays Nepal Totally Hot Season Reacted

Nowadays Nepal Totally Hot Season Reacted

Nowadays Nepal Totally Hot Season Reacted it been starting since few 2days ago when there if rainfall has shows on sky side. After the 2days it totally increases the rate of temperature in Hot reacted in Nepal. From April month will be started summer season from Nepal side. But during this Coronavirus will become in the world it makes it global warming changes effect.

Even if it is hot during the day, I can’t sit in the sun and how hot it is for you. Nowadays, it is very hot for me. I was sweating a lot when Police took me on my way from Arba to my house in key taken yesterday. Now it is hot. And even when wearing a helmet, it gets hot. But when you run it by yourself, it doesn’t heat up again.

Even if you wear a lot of clothes, it gets hot. The sun was very hot. And how hot it is in your place. If it is so hot, how many people will die without drinking water? When it is hot, birds like to drink water. And we don’t eat much in summer because we like to eat cold rice. And increase likes to eat cold things.

The bird that came to my house yesterday was so hot that I couldn’t even stay in the room. I was sitting outside on the porch of my house again. And the wind was blowing a little. The air is very chilly in summer and it is cold above. Sweat flows a lot.

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