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Good Morning Form Arba Vijaya 

Good Morning Form Arba Vijaya

Good Morning Form Arba Vijaya is from Pokhara valley from the opposite direction of the northern part of Himalayan which this place was reacted it. It nearer from 30/ 20 km from Bagar to Arba Vijaya to with the vehicle to reach it But correct mention km I don’t know it well. There are only 30 Minutes on Scooter and more vehicle to move to go to this place. This is a small village area which previous indecent people lives in that place.

Special Bramine Cast and Low Cast people were lives under this place. It will be developing it soon. It is a big Budget will be brought under this location. There is big build were under making own home shelter. Since a few days, I went to go to that place to shot picture or image of sunrise from the top of the hillside which is really nice to see perfect photography.

Below photo description we have to make a new house around that small house you seen or not. There is a graph of land around with soft land under there. When I took this photo I really like it and then I want to share a Good Morning Arba Vijaya from Pokhara Valley hill Side. I see a peaceful environment and favourite climate were seen in hill area.

Most of the people were going to that place but even we haven’t seen a tourist area under this place. While you coming to this place you can totally see a Pokhara valley looks from the top of Bijayapur place of village area. Keep visiting this place at Moring time Then you can try to feel how was it beautiful in Moring time on that Location.


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