How were your days Spends in Lockdown

How were your days Spends in Lockdown  

How were your days Spends in Lockdown

How were your days Spends in Lockdown is the time of spends which day during this Lockdown. Most of the people were maintains their own time for schedule to maintenance there time. Some of them were making a plan to share their contest and give a special offer to buy a product to purchase it well.

At Nepal Case, the Lockdown was Started on the Last year 2076 B.S Chaitra 11. Still, the Lockdown was continued again update from the government which mention to safe and stay at home. Now it will be increase rapid number of cases will be added more and more. All of the staff were active care that person who stays on Hospital to fight against Coronavirus.

Under my Lockdown which I feel a little bit bored for myself which Lockdown will be ended and when did this Coronavirus will be ended still that day I spend to share own article for an update as news site pro to update under from my page side of Facebook.

This Lockdown I haven’t gone any outside from home. After one month I stay at a home which follows the rule of government policy tells us. After complete one month then I trying to going to the bank to deposit amount over there. A lot of people were moves from one place to another which they haven’t finesh their daily activities food which they have work.

All Media people will be updating their report of Corona with different place of Nepal. From through Youtube Channel. I went to going to Arba village and Going to the bank and visiting an Adhikari Village with Scotor at Moring time. On Arba, we are making a new house over there. Then we can check over there.

That I spend a day of Lockdown period of time still May 22, 2020, Friday at 9:11pm at Nepali Time for mention my own spends days within this day to share for you. Hope you can enjoy read it out this article well.

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