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Lightening and rainfall in Pokhara

Lightening and rainfall in Pokhara

Lightening and rainfall in Pokhara which its rainfall on since on yesterday at 6pm at Nepali times. It makes it lightening and rainfall in Pokhara look it there. When I sitting on own room there little rainfall happens to see after at 6pm it makes it lightening rainfall to take reaction on the outside from my window side. There is a dangerous lightning reaction on the sky side.

It was raining so hard yesterday that you might be scared. Even at such a time, we were strong. And yesterday in other places, it has affected Side. But I was taken aback by what was going on in my heart and what you were doing at that time yesterday. I was talking with my mother and the man was eating. This has happened three times yesterday. And you must have felt it too.

The water was also heavy. And when it was raining, such a light came on. I’m scared to think that. Maybe there is a peak who’s heart is still weak. During this time we have to live in the Darkroom. If it is fortified, it will look like lightning. I wondered if before was on YouTube.

And I call the ask friends. And it happened in those places too. A friend’s house is in a pond. It must have happened in my life. This should be the biggest in my opinion. And what do you think? It’s the same time you think about it, but I can’t help but wonder why it’s so big.

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