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Beware of Fund Request From a Facebook Friends

Beware of Fund Request From a Facebook Friends

Beware of Fund Request From a Facebook Friends don’t reply any trust message from which you know it well for you. Some the people will make a fake message send to you which he/she told towards you I’m your sister and mother please send me some amount of money into my bank account. Special I finding also Nepali people many people will be faced out the special from Terai side of Nepal.

During this lockdown of few people have plenty of money into the bank account which they have saved their own money to his/her life. Some people haven’t money they will make you thief your money by sending unnecessary things to make you fool. This is related to police crime case will be happening in Society.

At this time we also have to consider. There has been a lot of work on Facebook. And you get the money, that person doesn’t repay you, and it hurts. And what you think happens. And it happens in Complain to the police officers. And you can also use Facebook well. Even if you keep fake photos of other people saying that they have money, you have to mess with it so that you can make money in it.

You also have to ignore those fake messengers, otherwise, you will be very rude to fall, otherwise, it will be a job in your own pocket. It’s okay to stay away from such work, otherwise, you might just think and talk to the good ones. And you can call and understand. This is what many people in Nepal do. And from your email, money is also hacked from your account. Please reply only by looking at the messages on Facebook.

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