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During Lockdown People Play Ludo Games

During Lockdown People Play Ludo Games

During Lockdown People Play Ludo Games is a strategy board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of a single die. Like other cross and circle games, Ludo is derived from the Indian game Pachisi, but simpler.

Simple you can be download this app from your play store and apple store. During this lockdown most of the play this game form laptop and computer also. Even they have installed through apps also to. Even I found to play this game from Facebook also too. Most of the people were refreshing to play this Ludo games.

I have played this game too and you must have played it too. And you may be passing Lockdown and you can play with four people. And I’ve also played on mobiles and computers. And you may have played too. And at the time of Lockdown, he was playing this game with his family.

This game is also very popular in trending and you should also check it out. You may have enjoyed playing this game. And it can also be played on Facebook for free. And it also happens when you play from Facebook. I have also played. And you have it too. And your time pass.

You may enjoy this game with your friends and family at this time you can spend this game from your family member also too. Some of them were playing it alone on it.

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