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Day 45 Lockdown in Pokhara

Day 45 Lockdown in Pokhara

Day 45 Lockdown in Pokhara which I going to yesterday evening time to see some material from the market place of nearest side from my home side to going there. Some of the people were going to market to bring their daily need of life. We are thinking of going to an evening at 5pm at Nepali time. Some of the vehicles were running it out here and there in the highway.

During this lockdown in Pokhara, most of the people will be want to save their life and make it the social distance between the person. Few machinery tools we need on Sk Machinery on Pokhara Baglung Buspark side of the road of the highway. Before we going to move from the home we call that person shall the bike and scooter were seen into your location he said yes there no disturb of traffic to check it, person.

I took a picture of the road condition which the road was too much before the lockdown will be close it. But now the road was a fine and clear way to see it there. Some the people were easily walking here and there. Some of the vehicles moved one place to another place of the valley side. I’m afraid with traffic police of those who check it out to ask with people why you going this time they said like that.

But now I’m saving to going to that place with my scooter. Below the image, you can see my scooter on the image there. Nearest in front of Sk Machinery on Pokhara. I just completed my work to bring it there and go back towards own home. Still, its continue for lockdown in Nepal whole side.

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