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Lockdown Extended until Jestha 5 in Nepal

Lockdown Extended until Jestha 5 in Nepal

Lockdown Extended until Jestha 5 in Nepal cabinet meeting has decided to add Lakdaun to Nepal by May 18. Concluding that the risk of corona infection is still high, it is said that the lockdown has been extended by 10 days. Along with this, the lockdown has been extended for 55 days. There is another more day were added on Nepal. Since two locations they have seen rapid test more people get a positive reaction.

Now Nepal goes will be downward slow. People cannot stay anymore at this time. We have needed to make a little be open part of daily life material to save a life. Still, the government haven’t look it out this case of people invoice to think it. But why always make it like the behave while the ended period of lockdown. If the government will be extended more lockdown he cannot save our life.

Because the government wouldn’t listen to the voice amount of people to solve the problem. All of health care material send form Nepal. But the ministry teams wouldn’t able to check with us. If the close of raw material from India we can stay anymore to save a life. Even we have got infect of corona or Covid-19 due to lack of food we can death.

A few days ago we have a rapid number of people infect of coronavirus on Nepalgunj and Banke with two districts collect a one day 16 people got to report for positive. All of them were at the nearest hospital to shit to check it there. If the government will continue to close down the lockdown. We can come back on the road side to make a mask moment role of political way.

Here Nepal is a political way to doing of parties leader of Nepal who handles Nepal as still now. Most the people haven’t food daily which the government has mentioned a budget and package too gives formal way into your location which given to Pradesh government. But Pradesh government tell us we have disturbed them in Ward office to give formal people.

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