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Effected under during this Lockdown

Affected under during this Lockdown

Affected under during this Lockdown which the whole country was faced it out this coronavirus enter the whole country in the world. There is a lot of effect on us and other people also. While the government make discuss to make a lockdown in similar country teams decide this discuss to close down the whole nation. But we unable to eat a food item with daily need of your life.

There is some major effect we have faced it. Some of the people who earn daily money and save his/her family. As the condition of poor family status. Some media person they have shot a video and upload video from youtube channel to promote them. This information was good but they have only done their own money from youtube.

Like industry, vehicle, institution, education sector, business marketing, server maintenance of internet, Sim internet and many more things will be added to affect the whole nation. Even the WHO clarify this disease for all. Some will be breaking the rule of Lockdown. She/he gets action from a police officer who stands to work on-duty time.

Few of user invest money and they are helping the poor on the roadside which they earn money to save a life. While we can shiting on a home which teams cannot check the coronavirus into the nearest place of the hospital which government needs to check formal way during on Lockdown.

The little market was open only other government can handle the case of people voice and save them. But according to our Nepal case, there is very much poor status we can face it out. Shall I mention formal it make it large point will be added here? Our country government is Kp Oli which he announces to control rule a Nepal.

The government had made a fuss, but we have a lot of money at home, but I wonder why there is such a political. But even a country like Nepal is not like other countries. This has gotten a little worse because of the politics of the people. But we have to sit at home in Lockdown and eat what Nepal has to see. People have to listen. It’s been a month now but we haven’t had a check.

Checked elsewhere but didn’t miss our array. But I am also wondering why it is so late. But we also have to check and equal everything. And don’t leave it at that. That area should only be checked on more. Lockdown has eaten our lives. If we don’t eat, we will die in the days of birds.

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