Why husband toucher with wife Nepali Society

Why husband toucher with wife Nepali Society

Why husband toucher with wife Nepali Society there is between while her wife was didn’t tells everything towards her husband while he was the angry mood. Nowadays it not happen seen in society to see it.  But he didn’t support his wife every situation while she was sick time. That person will be a selfie person in the world.

Even when people are straight, their buds are trembling. And when always wife is not well, I will win by shouting. My father’s words are fine now. My mother has not been able to live happily ever after. Why do you do it with your own buds, but if you don’t get along with it, people are very worried. The bird that brought the buddy should also do its own thing. And you have to love your son and daughter. If you control your family, you will benefit yourself.

What happens in our country Nepal is like a person who is brought to the house by marrying him, the bird loses his property and comes back to the house, on the other hand, he goes and marries his love. And someone has taken it by himself. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. But how can women live with their pain? They live for their son and daughter. But when people are not with their buds, they go into depression.

Many things happen but it is better to live together as a family. The birds have learned the same thing from a young age, but watching a video on YouTube has become a thing of the past. Doing what I did with my mouth for a while and shouting on the other side makes me think that I will win. I have to accept what my son has made. Be follow should be made of his own body.

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