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Good Bye April Month 2020

Good Bye April Month 2020

Good Bye April Month 2020 which this month has been already close it. Now, what activity we can pass it this April month. What new things will be added to your life? Some of part of the moment was haven’t missed it this month. Since welcome from the 2020 year, it seems very bad for the whole world. Due to coronavirus were entering our country as well as another country also too.

Since the beginning of the month, the bird has become very different. And in our Nepal, it has become elastic from this month till today. But what will happen in the coming days because of this virus and how it will affect us all. The people in Nepal did not even get the relief given by the government. And the media came and talked about the condition with Ward office. And people are given the first start by bad and bird condition.

In such a time, everyone should help themselves and we should all help others. And how many people have not been able to eat at home due to this virus? And the government has done it, but another thing has happened below. This is what happens in our country Nepal. People don’t get food. This month is very important for everyone.

We can’t help wondering what kind of country the country used to be when it was not flexible. If this is the case in other countries as well, then you have to think for yourself. The government of a foreign country has helped its people in the same problem. This month we have memory moment into our life to face it.

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