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Telephone talks between Nepal and Chinese Presidents

Telephone talks between Nepal and Chinese Presidents

Telephone talks between Nepal and Chinese Presidents In a telephone conversation, President Bhandari recalled the visit of the Chinese President to Nepal in October 2019 and said that Nepal and China have a long-standing close relationship. On the occasion, Chinese President Xi Jinping also recalled the welcome he received in Nepal during the visit and said that important achievements have been made from the visit.

Since today morning our president of Bidhya Bhandari were talk with xi Jinping of china president talk about the relationship between two countries as long time. She also talks about this virus whose whole nation affected this virus to a lockdown period to control them. Anytime china president will be help for Nepal. Since long time years, china will help it out Nepal.

Even she talks about the coronavirus material which you have been sent with our Nepal further checking out machinery to fast and fast whole Nepali people to finding a coronavirus. She makes it thank you for providing health care sent in Nepal. Chine will make them Nepali people we can fight against this virus and even check it forward as fast to control maintenance it.

Similar things will be talking between them conservation with china president. If there any need provided health material it will try to help Nepal. Because it is near the border side of our country that why china can help us. Even china president will visit our country as well it. If you need any help we ready to make your help into your country. We will be sent health care for the whole nation as well it. Hope so between relationship will be good and make them a good way to do it. This telephone will talk with china president with Bidhya Bhandari president of Nepal.

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