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Happy Ramadan To All Muslim 2020

Happy Ramadan To All Muslim 2020

Happy Ramadan To All Muslim 2020 is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. There are 30days they have to celebrate this festival for upcoming next Eid. This 30 days they have fasting their control the food. There is a lot of world people were lives in a different country they have done it.

According to towards our country, there are some people who have seen on Muslims dress he/she remains to see in the valley side. Since April 23, 2020, this festival were started up to May 23, 2020. This 30days they have run it out this festival. Some of the government has also been mention to Ramadan wishes to all whole nation of people they have own pray towards this virus.

Muslims like their festivals at such times. We don’t get along well but we can get poisoned here and we have to ask about the festival here. It is inhabited by Muslims all over the country. Depending on the country, the festival is held according to the place. Now it is done in another way abroad, here it is done in another way in Nepal. Muslims don’t even drink water and they don’t even eat bata.

During the night, Muslims go home and eat with their families. Barta is held during the day. This is so hard on Muslims. We did not have a level, but you are in the country on both sides of the border like in foreign countries, which is done by  Muslims. The festival also gives money to people who do their work. People are very scared in the market because of the Aile virus.

The festival of Muslims is also very good, but no matter what you wear, if you become a Muslim, everything will be fine. This is what happens at the festival.

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