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Happy Birthday Mukti and Laxmi For You

Happy Birthday Mukti and Laxmi For You

Happy Birthday Mukti and Laxmi For You Today both of them are birthday day of the month of Baisakh 11, 2077 year. This day is also called a black day of earthquake happen under this day. Laxmi was born in 2023 B.S. Baisakh 12 and Mukti was born in 2048 B.S. Baisakh 12 day. Both are them at same mention date to celebrate it. Today is the April 24, 2020 date of English date which both of them celebrated it well for it.

During this, we have faced into the coronavirus to as lockdown in Nepal. Even we are unable to go outside the market to buy a birthday cake to bring a near to Bagar, Pokhara. It takes only 15 minutes to reach that location while walk foot. I’m trying to wish him both of them as a birthday to him. While we can be born on this earth people have remembered the date whose born in at which year then after next year he/she will be celebrating a birthday.

Today my mother was wake up early at moring she make try to workshop god for this day as a birthday. She already showers at night time while I haven’t wake up from the bedroom. I make wishes to them God bless to him/her. Try to smile into your face and be staying healthy and stays safe. Hope you both them are celebrated at own home birthday as a small party at the home.

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