Happy Birthday Madan Krishna Shrestha To You

Happy Birthday Madan Krishna Shrestha To You

Happy Birthday Madan Krishna Shrestha To You he was turned into 70 years old. He was born on April 19, 1950, and lives on Kathmandu. He is is a Nepalese actor, comedian, and singer. He is one of the most successful and respected comedians in the Nepalese entertainment industry. He is well known for his method acting. He is one of the comedy duo, “MaHa Jodi”, the other one being Hari Bansha Acharya.

He had played the Nepali Film Industry towards his journey to move. His wife already dead a few years ago. As his Friends, Hari Bansha Acharya mentions from the social media site. Then I’m trying to wish towards him a lot from my effort side for him. Still, he was strong and walk here and there also too. Both are them are true friends couple in their own life journey to move still. Still, both of them are the good relationship between them.

His movie part was some part were comedy and some parts were emotional feel to touch into a heartbeat. During this time he was staying at home due to coronavirus enter our country as well as a whole country attack to fight against the disease. He will be celebrated with family and with real friends.

Between the birthday presents, birthday cake, and close friends and family, birthday parties are always a lot of fun. We hope you enjoyed these inspirational birthday quotes that celebrate the gift of living. Hope always bless him. Keep stay good smile into your face and God bless to him a lot.

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