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When big rainfall I feels uncomfortable stay at home

When big rainfall I feels uncomfortable stay at home

When big rainfall I feels uncomfortable stay at home non-stop it will effect for us due to during the landslides to happen on forest who lose land situation it will be do it. Then i will be pray please stop don’t doing like this one. Some of place of every loose land have see on road as well home also too. If heavy stone of winds flow to gets effect there.

Mooson time it we should be be safe for eletricity iteam but there is high volumne if range will be comes it. If light of focus have see on under cloudy sky it feels too much danger for us. During this we can stay own room to close to see over outside from your windows. Time to time i see around from my windows if there rain will stop it. There is planty of water flowing here and there inside land of home side.

Into my heart high beat very much during the cloudy light effect on sky make do it. Less heart person it will be cause be dead we can listen as news to see. During that time we should be warm inisde on bedroom. Don’t go outside while playing with water for there. It will attack unhealth body part to enter there. During this lockdown there is coronavirus will listen.

That mind thinking shall we got that diease or not while person should be think only. I’m worrier here and there while rain is big fall over near from own place to listen it. Some of people typing own story to think and started to type it own way to style to share it. Black cloudy sky will be it might be rainfall now. There is non-stop rainfall into our place which effective planty of water fall from sky.

I look into river side they rapid of water will increase day by day. If the rain is stop it little small to see there. Some of used the phone call to another network also cannot work fine it. That time we must be close it. Keep stay where we located on that place. After stopping rainfall i try to open my internet to finding out the news on social media side to check . I want to stop it and lets to make a summar season feels much hot. Rainfall also be good with limited time it will be fall in. Longer big rain isn’t possible for us.

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