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23 days spend of Lockdown in Nepal

23 days spend of Lockdown in Nepal

23 days spend of Lockdown in Nepal which since Chaitra 11, 2076 B.S our country has been announced to close a lockdown whole part of boarder side as well all part of place will get lockdown. Special our prime minister KP Sharma Oli has the decision to make a coronavirus whose enter in Nepal. He had made it first one week to close a lockdown in Nepal. But we spend the first week. Little bit cases will see it. Again before spend on tomorrow government make discuss to a meet in his party place.

Again the Second week will be stared only 3 cases will be added of coronavirus in Nepal which Bikash devkota mention into live shows in television. There is no product of instrument to checking a coronavirus at first week period. As government need to help from china which he spends it us by plane to bring that instrument further report of coronavirus. Bikash devkota has spent it out the different state of place through formal checking machinery of COVID-19.

Day by day Bikash Devkota will be announced for updating of coronavirus to verify place and name also be mention it. The first week and Second week of lockdown come cases from other country people of Nepali who he/she come in last year Chaitra close of 11. This two week we had spends it. But the government also who work it daily earn money they had to make a package to give them.

Different place of people hasn’t received of government mention package into own location. Special like Pokhara valley I have to see video who tv journalist will report that person to share video on youtube. It will be increase day by day discuss of government package. Most of the location people will be noted a name of the related person to give them.

That’s good for me while I thinking it that one. But we need equal value will give to all people of the whole Nepali people will be received. All market had close we are unable to outside to bring a product in the market place. Even some of the cases will have bad news to see. Even we have entered 3 weeks which government make a discuss added more day for lockdown. The government again added 12 days lockdown during this attack of coronavirus.

The formal person will check a coronavirus in a home with different group discuss to make one meet. A rapid number of people will be tested more and more this thing I want to request our government of Nepal. Still hole people were staying on the home during this time government make the check-in. Another things I should be mention “Don’t Make it political under coronavirus.”

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