Boring Days of lockdown

Boring Days of lockdown

Boring Days of lockdown which COVID-19 suffers to the worldwide which people have effected this disease really spend time with days on Nepal lockdown. My life begins a much more lazy day sitting in jail at home. But we stay to fight the disease at home. This is only one option to fight with coronavirus. Even the world developing country was shocked by it. Lockdown has been added to Nepal for another one week.

The whole day I spent only on my mobile and laptop for sometimes I will be open to update a post into my website only. The rest of the time stay at home and eat many more food items on it. Then the rest of the time spend with sleep in a bed and watching tv there. Only COVID-19 have to see on the channel on Tv. I look at our Nepali channel who people of reporter of different they can update about the lockdown happen to see in Live.

These three things I spending the day on lockdown. I never imagine this day will be coming into my life also too. This moment of my life never forgotten about it. If I continue to write an article about boring days daily report it to make a long story to read it out here. Lockdown makes me a black day of having felt it. During an earthquake happen a few years ago that things remember into my mind.

Some of part who can spend with the day with family to enjoy it. Its really harmful world people those who have run out daily workers on office, factory, political and many more things they have doing it daily activity to earn money to save their family. As the government of Nepal, they need to divided different further checking into the virus to search to connect home to home there.

Anytime I feel much more bored to see. The previous past day I will miss it. But lockdown we cannot go outside because were remaining there take action with me and another also too. There is no time pass option to spend it. Only these three options I spend on lockdown watch tv, sleep, used wifi and eating at home only. This thing making bored to stay at home. So that please try to open it. And please stop this virus and people can find out this virus and make it slove it.

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