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Government of Nepal close From Chaitra 9 to 21

Government of Nepal close From Chaitra 9 to 21

Government of Nepal close From Chaitra 9 to 21 which pm Oli’s have said to close the whole city from one place to another place to move on it. As I read it out that news portal website to check it out such news to read it out. This information of people will know it. Due to coronavirus happen to spread to comes to enter this virus as control it. We need to stay safe and stop this virus to control it.

Moring pm Oli’s he had announced on a live television channel to mention it. There is already close to the border side of people. Most of Indian people will become return own home. There is a lot of people were going back towards own village area. This thing we need to info who Nepali people will know it. They have stopped those banks and vehicle to move here and there.

Even they haven’t moved for a long journey from one city to another place. Just a long vehicle they have a stop for travelers to stop it. Let’s see tomorrow what happened to see it there. I will be mention to you here. There are good things we need to care for your health.  We need to be strong and I’m also happy to notice from the government to stop hearing this news.

We have to wear a mask for the outside but when the barley becomes other people have come up with the disease you will notice when you are in the nearest polythene. The Nepalese living in India have also come to their own country as the Nepalese have also returned to their homes because the Indian government has to go home.

You should consider yourself in your own place. It is good to do so, but it is also difficult for the low earners to eat and work for the day. The government should also look into the matter. But that’s just a little news I made. This is what the government has done. The same news I have transliterated into my English.

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