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Yesterday heavy rainfall on Pokhara

Yesterday heavy rainfall on Pokhara

Yesterday heavy rainfall on Pokhara march 19, 2020 at evening time its happen to rainfall in there. Which i’m a place of araba village which we have seen a looks like into my land to see dojar over it there. While at 3pm it slow slow drop of water is fall it happen it. While finesh those things it heavy rainfall into that location on it.

We have move into own home for going to own scootor over it there. One of person said we needs a road to make into our land to cultivated with there. We have unable make with land on it there. We needs tayatar into hole to soap it. While he talk to bring it there. There is high have to see it there. My father souted as loud over it there. Dojar person will be make it stop it there.

Even dojar person also make it clear to rate with my father he loud high blood to make them on it. He also try to stop it there. As he explain rate as also over time tips we needs he said only that only. Father there is no an hour i have give this amount of money for you. Only 30minutes more you have did it work there. All those things have finesh there. Rainfall happen to fall in. Sound of over the sky side to see it.

Light of flash happen to see into the sky side there. But i feels to it make it danger into our body. Make it death also they power effect have it. While i take wearing raincoat inside into my scootor. It see a little little rainy but while going on down flow of road it have to very much heavy rainfall have face it. Even i cannot see a eye around to looks into road side.

Slow slow i have drive it. Water too mucn panlty amount collect romaining there and here road side. Under that case we needs to be careful for ride a bike or scootor on it. Without raincoat we cannot go any place on it. Such of moment i haven’t been seen it. Even i never forget this moment of my life since yesterday evening time. While body look to see water inside much more raining on it.

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