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Preparate a New House At Araba

Preparate a New House At Araba

Preparate a New House At Araba-13, Morpani, kaski which we have discuss under before who make a takedar pervious. He comes into our home to talk whole home service to make it. This is the first step to make a house into their. Pervious month we have discuss under it. We have two and half build to make it. As a enginer has been create from ward office.

Since moring time i went to going it their for check it out. They have doing it iron to make whole on land with comes on dojar on moring time. Just capture some photo shoot of land. First time we have did it that. But they will doing to make into hole on land they put cement and other material to input it there.

It has been strong for house for build. Takedar make discuss to make already his worker person to make it. They have make it preparate within 3days. They have 12 pieace iron hole into land. Takedar make a mark those area with dojar will be hole on it there. But we are waiting for dojar for an hour which i receieved on 7:30am at nepali time.

Some case they haven’t gets a more facilities to make it there. But sometimes it might be late on it. Hope you will be hole 12 hole in land which make a house for new one. People have also get job on there. Takedar bring a person to make a job into their. He also try to make strong and clearly to working hard on it.

Under mention picture you should might be check it out. Hope you will be check it photo. They will be understood it well for meaning on it. Upcoming day i will make a small post to share to you here on it. Keep stay turn with me and keep visit it there. Hope you will be wait for next blog post under this website.

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