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Black Cloudy Weather happen Today Moring

Black Cloudy Weather happen Today Morning

Black Cloudy Weather happen Today Morning which yesterday was big rainfall happen to face in the evening time. From I sitting on araba place towards my own land there. And what had I done on a black day yesterday, and this morning, it was cloudy, but there was a small problem of a spice mill in Ratnachowk. It was similar to the one we were taking in the workshop at eight o’clock in the morning. And she did it today in the morning and the middle was very happy. And in the morning I took a photo of the outside to see it.

People used to talk about this, but even then I was able to do it at that time because there was water outside with the dad who was at work. And the party was big. And in the morning, the sun was still dark, friends. I’ve talked to you real. And it was raining in the evenings. Had gone down towards Dulegauda with father at work. And it was easy, but the water was too thick. Now, the rains are also bad when it rains.

If anything happened to you this morning, it happened. Even when I hear the water, it seems to me that people who work for anything but work anywhere. This is what happens when the rain falls from the morning. But in the morning we did a little work in the workshop and went to that place. And speaking to that guy, we were on the phone and after a while, the rain started to fall, but the water was not big enough.

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