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iPhone did not support Telecom's 700MHz band forgery

iPhone did not support Telecom’s 800MHz band forgery

iPhone did not support Telecom’s 800MHz band forgery is expanding its 3G service through the frequency of 1800MHz and 800MHz bands. Among them, the company is offering a forced service at 800 MHz, but the problem is not running on the iPhone. But it seems different between 1800 MHz and 800 MHz similar different on the network.

It may not support my phone’s mobiles, but there are many problems with iPhones. But in Nepal, much is going on in the iPhone market, but even so, people are not talking. Nepal Telecom should be aware of this and apply it. There are opinions that go on and on, and not on 3G and 3G, but there are a lot of things to look for when buying an iPhone.

While minor things have worked with Franchise, there is a lot of talks. People say ‘Ifon’. The official said the problem will be resolved soon. The problem was solved by applying to Apple after Telecom first launched the Forget service and found that it did not operate on the iPhone.

But people want to buy an iPhone but they don’t know what feature inside on device to know it well for it. But some people who have used it already will know it well for it. For this link to know under Nepali languages to clear to know it well for it. https://www.techpana.com/2020/18600/ They can be understood for well what similarities between an MHz have to see it.

Things don’t happen at all, but they are taken and the chompers do. Look at the link I gave you, everything is in Nepali and it is easy for you to post it. Some of the frequency rangers wouldn’t able to support it. But in some cases the teams have been work it out.

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