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Happy Tibetan Losar 2020

Happy Tibetan Losar 2020

Happy Tibetan Losar 2020 which held on february 24 month of year tibetan people will be celebrate this festival on it. It celebrated mostly in India, Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, and Bhutan. It will be celebrated. Between those mention will be celebrate it.

As our Nepal tibetan said sonam losar to all people those who special celebrate on mountain side of our country Nepal. Most of people were live on that place. Meaning of losar is The word “Lo” means “year” and the word “Sar” translates to “new”.

They have including parasol, conch shell, vase, and victory banner, among others. Each of these symbols is related to Buddhism. They have own style of feels to pray for god to make them there. Near people of temple they have visit it there.

Different place of country they have own style to celebrate as well on it. We have special festival to do this. They have make them some enjoy and make to run any festival run on that location on it.

Most of people were make a different program to make them as a strong and make culture to save it. Even we have different people live in Nepal to different place if people were celebrate it. Hope this year begin to better know it well. I just upload such point out to how they have celebrated it. Above mentioned paragraph i have been explain it there.

In losar there is different type of dance were performance it. Relative people will be meet them.

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