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Khoramukh Bridge Area

Khoramukh Bridge Area

Khoramukh bridge area which i going it there. Just i needs self over it there which people will look it out and finding a new place visit it there. Since few days i went it that place going it there. Some of people were finding on river were wash clothes over it there. At day time i take selfie photo of myself over it what seen into my face from my mobile device. Even you can seen a beautiful moutain over to seen it there. People will like a mountain and hill area like a village area to seen this beauty of nature on it. Just near at bridge side i taken into photo it. Sometimes we needs take picture to discripe on it. When you going some place of nepal to travel with my scotor or bike or bus you needs to share to your friends to explain on that place what you seen over it there. Due to winter there is no big river flow to seen it there. But it’s winter time on nepal right now.  Khoramukh is one of beautiful pace of tourist area which tourist were visiting it there. Even  today i seen tourist while talk there on road side.

I really enjoy on by take own photo over it there. While i take a glass to take tea over it there. Road will under contruction on it. Upcoming day it will be fine and many people also travel that location. Hope there people will be happy on it.

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