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Today I feels unwell Health

Today I feels unwell Health

Today i feels unwell health into my. Due to diarrhea affect towards me. Since i went into a khoramukh place of kaski district over it there. At launch time i take a milk for cold for drink it there. At 4p.m i eat a meat with cihura with them. But i come back towards own home that time it’s very much fine. But at moring i take diarrhea into myself. Very much diarrhea happen into my body part on it. Due to uncontrol eat a food on yesterday it affeect it .Today i talk with neraest hospital to take a medicine on it. I ask such type of question her on medical on nearest home side with harichowk place. Finally i take a medicine right now. Let’s see what result will be happen on it. Still i’m no well into my health side. Even sometimes we needs take a medicine also too if you feels undiffcult into body part wasn’t work properly. Due to winter season it affect on it. Even today moring at i go 4times going for toilet to through diarrhea over it there. I just want to needs rest for it. I will share each and every moment of life to you. I will try to share post to update you here.

Sometimes people got this problem on it. Sometime it might affect while drink on water also too. People get sick too. Your things should go with the nearest duchess. And you must eat fat. I do not feel comfortable with this day. The next goat is brought to Medicine. Who am I to eat Medicine now? What happens now is Medicine and you’ll be seated in the middle. This is the case in Season: Eat hot foods should not be eaten cold and water should boil well. Your health needs to be considered.

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