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It was a busy day 

It was a busy day today with own work on home side. Which i really tried to me even i cannot post anythings into here but the viewer will look into my post view point on it. Today mooring isn’t properly sun shine it. I fees too much cold myself on it. I’m wait for those people who brings a tractor to load a material from my home. Finally he calls my mother at 8 am at mooring time. My mother told to other people to come load some material into the tractor. He come at after 30 minutes into my home. Relative people calling to my mother to come it for help me us here. Only two female were coming it there to load that material on it. After a long breathe my mother she will very happy but its very difficult to load material on it there. Even two female were work hard on there. Even i also join it there. Me and my mother were load on for help them. 

Today, my mother thought that the man was moving, he did not get lost in the house but also mother and mother together he loaded the dung and so on. The man came running while my mother was talking to others, he came, but the man did not come. We made the trip and the man came for the hour. We started pouring slowly and in the middle of the haul we rested and ate the water and sat down for a while, loaded it with sorrow. Even when the curtains are curtained, my mother has come to believe. And I loaded up and the house was dirty, but we did it ourselves and there was no food for you to eat a little goat. 
And when it comes down to it, we’re talking and heading to work. 

 And how long did it take for us to load it, it only took two hours, but even after completing the mission, it took us a long time to complete it. Ail also has the pain of being a light back. But I did work today. 

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