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Final audition of dance plus 5 last Sunday 

 Final audition of dance plus 5 last Sunday which i will update on that day but I’m really busy on it. Even last Sunday i really enjoy moment of their dance journey to come on dance plus 5 to meet to achieve  goal to be famous on it there. But they were work hard on dance performance on it. Some of user previous also come on audition round but they haven’t selected on top 12 stage to run it. Some people of family status were too much poor after he/she dance it there on stage. Even remo also ask them a parent i will be expire your son or daughter to his/her dance perform on here. I see one of people were dance perform well but it’s difficult to dance with his feet of leg to perform on stage. He got a chance to perform again on stage. Even they all judge were also shock after 2times he dance perform on stage.

I really that moment which i seen on it there. This season will haven’t miss it until while gone to electricity on that time while watching on TV show program on star plus channel. Even i said it what a they perform what a great interest talent were come dance plus 5 in season. Those four captain were search awesome dance on India with different place of India to come to participation on dance plus 5 to join it there. Some previous they had proud of  remo judges to expiration on his or her dance to journey moves on head their life. Remo is very kindly helpful person who have a problem he  will sure help them he also make them as famous on big stage on dance plus 5. I like such a performer on his/her dance style on stage to see on television i were shock it. I will be try to lesson how the people journey start their dance future life to become popular. Such moment of dance i also cry it allot but how people were undifficult to run their on family. I’m really proud of them.  

If you miss it last Sunday program i were share it here to explain it well while see on TV program on that time. Hope you will be like and keep share it and keep love my post also too. 

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