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Visit Pokhara 2020 

Visit pokhara 2020 which government of Nepal run this year to welcome to invited to all tourist area to come us and search a such a place of Nepal. Special i want to share about the pokhara. Pokhara is the one of famous place of Nepal which tourist were visit it there every year. Pokhara is the beautiful of nature with beauty of Himalaya and surrounds of hill side. There is different place which you can visit our pokhara city. 

Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City became Nepal’s largest metropolitan city by area, occupying 464.24 km2 (179.24 sq mi) — which means the city is nine times larger than Kathmandu, 18 times larger than Lalitpur and 2.5 times larger than Bharatpur. It is divided 33 wards in pokhara valley. The population of pokhara is 28,737,742 but it last update of 2019 which i mention it you. Pokhara is located as kaski district which under below on gandaki zone of Nepal. Nowadays the pokhara also prepared to visit Nepal 2020 to introduce to whole tourist to visit it. Most of people were visiting from India side to visit pokhara as well it. Even European country people were also visit it. Here list of temple name of pokhara valley is Bindhyabasin , Bhimsen, Radhakrishna, Budhanikantha, Mahakaleswar, Gita Mandir etc place of temple in pokhara. There is two cave in pokhara side. There is mahendra cave. guptashore cave, chamire cave located on pokhara. Shanti Stupa in Pokhara is the first World Peace Pagoda in Nepal and seventy-first pagoda built by Nipponzan-Myōhōji in the world. Even shanti stupa is a Buddhist side of place to visit it there. If you want to learn many more you can visit it there. You will be many more knowledge on it there.  There is also lake in pokhara that’s fewa lake, begnas lake and rupa lake this lake were you can enjoy boating over it there. Maximum people were boating on fewa lake and begnas to see amazing area of water to see more place over it there. Some of temple were miss it just i know such a temple to remember it i write it here. There is allot of temple in pokhara visit it there. That mention temple were famous to visit it. Devil’s fall is also mention to visit there. Bungee jump also on pokhara hemja side to visit to enjoy it there.

Pokhara is also like Switzerland those people’s comment to tourist said it that. Even you feels to realize how is it beautiful pokhara was there. Don’t forget to visit Nepal 2020. Hope make sure you will visit pokhara also. Pokhara is another city to visit it. All most people were too much enjoy it there. There is allot of things i have forgotten it to visit name of place of valley to visit it there.  I just announce it to all people you must be once again to visit pokhara. If you have a plan don’t make it wait for it. You can come our pokhara to visit.

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