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Does The World Have Enough Electricity For AIDoes The World Have Enough Electricity For AI

Does The World Have Enough Electricity For AI  If you touch the back of your laptop, it may feel warm. From displaying emails to making spreadsheets and running various chips, the laptop has to do millions of calculations, which consumes energy.

For this reason, when you work for a long time, the battery of the laptop gets discharged quickly. Now imagine the millions and millions of computers in the world, which are not spreadsheets, but are making algorithms for artificial intelligence, i.e. AI!

With the help of the same AI, such medicines can also be made which can be used to treat all types of cancer. It can also help in preventing the rising temperature of the earth. Not only this, there are many tasks that humans do not want to do, and all of them can be done through machines with the help of AI.

AI is changing the world

Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI is a super advanced computer program that can process huge amounts of data.

That is, he can do more complex work than normal programs and his data processing capacity is much higher than the capacity of the human brain, due to which he is successful in solving various problems.

Sydney-based strategic futurist Dr. Mark van Rymenam predicts what kind of technology development will happen in the future as well as evaluates it.

AI is creating new possibilities in the field of medicine

Deep Mind’s artificial intelligence program Alpha Fold is exposing various possibilities in the medical world.

AI can also help to deal with temperature rise which is the biggest challenge of the current world.

According to Mark van Rymenam, AI is currently helping to control climate change. According to him, there are now such AI programs with the help of which one can find out where natural disasters occur. In addition, the changes in the weather can be accurately predicted.

In the future when super artificial intelligence is developed then maybe we will be able to generate energy from things that are not possible now.

It may sound strange, but if humans create highly intelligent objects, anything is possible. Because of super artificial intelligence, everything can be available in such abundance that all kinds of problems in the world can end.

AI needs energy

Kate Crawford, a research professor at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, has been studying the growing impact of AI on Earth. According to him, the presence of AI in our daily lives is now visible in various places.

From face detection to identifying spam emails to unlocking the phone, the work is done with the help of AI. Also, language translation programs can be made with the help of this.

But running the computer that creates and runs AI programs consumes a huge amount of electricity. According to one projection, by 2027 the energy consumed by AI will exceed the total energy consumption of a country the size of the Netherlands.

A new AI model consumes too much energy

According to Kate Crawford, AI accounts for 8 to 10 percent of the world’s total electricity budget, which is a lot.

In the future, the need for electricity for AI will increase even more, when the use of generative AI increases. Generative AI is an artificial intelligence that can chat with us, take pictures, and create new music with the help of music samples.

Speaking at the 2024 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Sam Altman, the head of Open AI, the maker of chat GPT, said that new models of AI will consume much more energy than expected.

Do we have enough energy to run AI?

We think that there is enough energy for this now and there is a huge potential for green energy from Africa in the future.

However, the biggest challenge in front of us is how to get most of the electricity supplied to the data centers that are operated to run AI from renewable i.e. green sources, and how to minimize the impact on the environment.

Also, there is a need for regulation to ensure that the use of AI is limited to essential work. Because making a comic picture with AI and changing someone’s voice consumes a lot of electricity.

In the future, energy requirements for AI will increase even more. But the good thing is that the super AI model can solve our various problems as well as the problem of the energy crisis.


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