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Do You Want To Shoot Stable Video From Your PhoneDo You Want To Shoot Stable Video From Your Phone

Do You Want To Shoot Stable Video From Your Phone If the recorded footage isn’t smooth or looks too shaky, it doesn’t mean much. If the footage is important and placed in the video, it will not affect the audience very well. That is why such footage should be smoothed to not be wasted. Today we are discussing how to stabilize video:

Why is the video taken from the smartphone not smooth?

There are many reasons why your smartphone video may not be smooth or appear shaky. It’s hard to tell if you’re shooting steady (or not shaking) while shooting a video. If you don’t follow the right method of video recording, the video taken from the phone may not be smooth.

In some cases, even if you shoot a video with Zoom, the video is not stable. Therefore, how to make such a video stable or how to make it stable while shooting is important.

Use a gimbal

If you are constantly shooting videos and are concerned about not getting shaky videos, you can buy a phone gimbal. A gimbal is a device that rotates the phone wherever you want it to turn. As a result, the video does not seem to shake and becomes stable.

The gimbal can be purchased online and in physical stores. Phone gimbal can be purchased at a price above 3700 rupees. Some gimbals are hand-held only, while others are tripod-like and hand-held.

Video recording style

How you shoot video with your phone also determines the stabilization of the video. If you know how to shoot videos in the right way, you can shoot very stable videos. Whether you shoot portrait or landscape video also determines what posture to use.

You have to hold the phone in an ‘L’ shape with both hands while taking videos. Then both the corners of the hands should be glued to the body. When this happens, the hand gets blocked and cannot move as much. This process usually works when shooting video at a horizontal angle.

Video stabilization platform

As mentioned above, the video may not be 100% stable. Or, you may have shot the video in a different way before. Various apps stabilize such videos. Among them, you can use Google Photos and Capcut for free. You can install the Android, iOS, Desktop, or Mac app by visiting Capcut’s website.

How to use the video stabilization feature in Google Photos?

  • If you have uploaded a video clip to Google Photos or saved it as a backup, open the app and tap on that video.
  • After tapping on the video, three options appear at the bottom (Share, Edit, and Delete).
  • Then if you tap on edit in the middle, it will take some time to load.
  • The option of ‘Export Frame’ appears in the new interface. There are two options on the left. One is sound and the other is stabilization.
  • If you tap on stabilization, the video will start stabilizing automatically.
  • After stabilization, if you copy the save, it will be saved in the video gallery. Until the quality is stabilized, if you keep doing it until then, you can create a quality video.
  • While stabilizing the video, there is some difference in its size, but the quality does not change much. So vloggers or videographers can create quality videos using this feature of Google Photos.
  • How to Create a Steady Video in CapCut
  • Follow the below procedure to make video stable in Capcut.
  • First, open the app.
  • Then select the video you want to stabilize.
  • After doing this, select the video clip that appears in the editing bar.


  • And the video editing toolbar can be seen at the bottom. Move it to the right and tap on the ‘Stabilize’ option.


  • After doing this, your video will be stable in no time.


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