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Brave Browser Says: Google Won't Stop Blocking YouTube AdsBrave Browser Says: Google Won't Stop Blocking YouTube Ads

Brave Browser Says: Google Won’t Stop Blocking YouTube Ads Search engine Brave has said that it will not be affected after YouTube activates to turn off the ad blocker tool. In a post on social media, Brave mentioned that he is not a target of YouTube.
Brave Browser has an inbuilt ad blocker called ‘Shields’. Which, by default, stops the ads from appearing on various websites. According to Google’s new policy, it is not possible to use third-party apps to buy ads that appear on YouTube while watching free videos.
If you do that, YouTube videos will not play on web and mobile apps. To run the app again, either you have to remove the ad blocker or you have to get YouTube Premium. YouTube has been trying to implement this step since last year. Recently, Google has again tried to apply this policy to mobile.
In the same context, Brave Browser responded that they would not be affected by YouTube’s new changes. Similarly, due to the use of an ad blocker, YouTube has requested to report Brave. Also, Brave says that it will update its ad blocker according to the changes made by YouTube. 

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