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10 Best Android Apps for Translation10 Best Android Apps for Translation

10 Best Android Apps for Translation mobile apps are very important. They help people communicate without a human translator or spending months learning a language.

As you may have seen in most cases social networks, some websites have built-in translation. Most of the travelers are using translation apps.

It is also used by students to learn a new language and to translate menus or anything in a restaurant. Today we have prepared a comprehensive list of the best translator apps that are useful for such various purposes.

One must mention the Dictionary Linguy app on the Google Play Store, which is a good translation app. But since 2017, its development has not been active. In this case, this app may not run on the latest Android phones.

1. BK Translate app

Price: Free.

BK Translate is a Google Play developer who has created many translation apps. It has dozens of languages, including Spanish, Arabic, German, Indonesian, French, and many other popular languages. All apps work in the same way.

It works with translation in English and any language it supports. This app can be used in typing, voice, and handwriting modes. In addition, this app works on words as well as complete sentences.

2. Dipl Translate

Price: Free.

Although Deep L Translate was released in 2022, it has managed to remain an excellent translation app for mobile within a short period. This app works in 29 languages including Chinese, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

If we talk about the UI, this app looks good. You can use the microphone to put letters or listen to someone speaking. This app can translate what you see and hear.

3. Dict box

Price: Free/$6.49.

Dict Box is a multilingual dictionary. It works in dozens of languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hindi, Roman, etc. Talking about its features, it offers features such as offline support, word correction, audio pronunciation, pictures, flashcards for memory practice, and cross-device syncing. It also includes a camera feature. Its design is good and easy to use. There is nothing really bad about it. Some of its features are locked in the free version, but all of them can be unlocked in the premium version.

4. Dict. cc (Dict. cc)

Price: Free/$2.49.

Dict. cc is a multilingual dictionary app and translator app. This app, which works in dozens of languages, supports French, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Roman, Russian, Spanish and other languages. It only seems to work on one word. However, it can be a good way to translate between two languages. It has offline support, autosuggestion, audio pronunciation, and other features. It works well in supported languages. A dozen languages are included in its free version. In the premium version, you can get the collection of supported languages and ads are also removed.

5. Google Translate

Google Translate is probably the best translation app for mobile. It supports more than 100 languages online and more than 50 languages offline (via typing). It can also translate things like menus and road signs with the help of a camera. This app also supports handwritten letters, voice input, and typing input. Overall it can translate the entire conversation in real time. Available for free, this app is not ad-free.

6. Innovative app translation app

Price: Free.

Innovator App is a developer on Google Play. It has many multilingual dictionary apps. It also works as a good translator app. All its apps contain similar features. It includes offline support, autosuggestion, pronunciation, voice search, synonyms, antonyms, and word games for practicing to help increase memory. Supporting dozens of languages, this app allows you to select a language of your choice and translate it into English. All its apps are available for free with ads.

7. Claes-Development Translation App

Price: Free/$1.99.

Like BK Translate, Clays-Development is also a developer of Google Play. Which has many dual-language translation apps. Also, its single app that supports dozens of languages is available. All the features of this app can be found in a simple UI. You can find typing and voice input facilities for translation in it. All its apps are ad-supported and there is no premium version. A single app with all languages is priced at $1.99, excluding ads.

8. Microsoft Translator

Price: Free.

Google Translate has gained popularity. However, Microsoft Translate is also a very good app. It supports more than 60 languages. Which is definitely less than Google Translate. However, all these languages are available offline. This app also supports two-way conversations (up to 100 people at a time). Apart from this, it also includes features like a phrasebook, pronunciation guide, Android wear support, and alternative translation. The UI of this app which is completely free is also very good. If Google Translate seems complicated, then Microsoft Translate can be a fast alternative for you.

9. Never Papago

Price: Free.

Naver Papago is a translator app developed by Naver. Which is a popular search engine in South Korea. Not only is it different from Google Search and Google Translate, it supports translation between 13 languages. You can instantly translate letters, images, and voices with its help. Apart from this, this app can be used completely offline and it can translate handwritten letters and even websites. It is not as extensive as Google Translate or Microsoft Translate, but its UI and features may be interesting to you.

10. The reverse dictionary

Price: Free/up to $12.00.

Reverso Dictionary is another popular multilingual dictionary app. It’s not as good as Dict. cc or Dictionary Linguy, but it can be a good alternative if those apps don’t work. It has dozens of languages. Also in this app, you can find features such as sentences, audio pronunciation, word games, offline support, etc.

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