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Samsung Making Bixby Smarter Using Generative AISamsung Making Bixby Smarter Using Generative AI

Samsung Making Bixby Smarter Using Generative AI The virtual assistant ‘Bixby’ available on Samsung phones is now going to become more smart. Expanding the capabilities of generative AI, Samsung is going to make Bixby more convenient.

Speaking to CNBC, Samsung’s executive vice president for mobile business, Woon-Joon Choi, said that they are seriously working to keep the capabilities of generative AI at bay. This means that voice assistants can become smarter in the future due to generative AI and LLM (large language models).

The company is currently upgrading Bixby with Galaxy AI features. But towards generative AI, not much attention was paid to its voice assistant.

Samsung first launched Bixby in 2017 with the Galaxy S8 series. Since then, the use of Bixby has been preferred on smart TVs and home appliances.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has added some new features to Bixby, including text-to-speech to receive calls and close messages.

Currently, users rely on Bixby to run Samsung’s Galaxy AI hands-free. But with generative AI, it can take on more responsibility.

Samsung hinted at the Galaxy Unpacked event in July 2023 to upgrade AI for Bixby. According to TechRadar, Junho Park, Samsung’s vice president and director of global product planning, gave information about generative AI in Bixby at the event.

Generative AI is available in Samsung’s Bixby smart home appliances. But it can work less based on the ChatGPT. But Bixby featuring Zen AI on your mobile and smartwatch could be a game changer.

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