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What is the effect of Valentine's Day in Nepal in 2024What is the effect of Valentine's Day in Nepal in 2024

What is the effect of Valentine’s Day in Nepal in 2024 I have seen and experienced many people when this Valentine’s Day was introduced in Nepal, and in the current generation, they do such bad activities and bad actions that they forget their culture and go to foreign customs. By proposing to each other or doing various activities on Valentine’s Day, they forcefully or unwillingly try to impress the girls on the boys.
Like different places will be seen today, February 14, 2024, visit different places, go to different places, and do entertainment.
There are many such places in Nepal; it has been seen that people go there and enjoy the whole day and return home in the evening. They go to a forest or a secluded place so that people can enjoy Valentine’s Day.
They know everything about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But I think this culture is not for our Nepal because such a culture has deteriorated that this government in Nepal also has to control it, and the government itself has to remove its culture. A lot of looks are what today’s young people look like; for example, people between the ages of 18 and 35 show their fun features.
More to the point, people between the ages of 18 and 25 take their couples and go to different places and eat food and think bad thoughts or good thoughts and put it on Facebook as Valentine’s Day and put it on other social media patterns, and it goes viral. Benefits, and do you really spend your life with him? If you are married, then it doesn’t matter to you, but why stop Valentine’s Day and choose some other festival so that you don’t forget your culture?
Today’s kids don’t believe that on Valentine’s Day, they think that they will do this, I will do that, and they go to fun places with their bikes and scooters. And they return home in the evening, and when they return home, their parents yell at them, Why are they so damaged? because they scolded the girl a lot and also scolded the boy.
They don’t understand these things. Mothers are thinking about what is right and what is wrong to say, and they are also telling their children that this Valentine’s Day is not for us. You should not enjoy it. Go there and have fun with your family like you never have before.
Today, if I go to different places, I see such actions and what to do when I see them, but they enjoy going to the side of the river, the lakeside, or the side of the lake with their girlfriends and boyfriends.
Do you think this activity is helpful to you? Is this culture for us and that this is Nepali culture? Think about it yourself and comment or share so that people can get their thoughts or attention based on this, and I have requested that you here. Many people have researched and researched these things, and you can find different videos, but I don’t think this is for Nepal. It has been happening for many years, and people are celebrating it, but people can’t do it. And I can’t leave.

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