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How much data is actually consumed by watching a video on YouTubeHow much data is actually consumed by watching a video on YouTube

How much data is actually consumed by watching a video on YouTube If you use Wi-Fi or buy an unlimited data plan, you don’t care how much data you use. However, you must pay attention when purchasing limited data.

Regarding Nepal, platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube are consuming more and more user data. Also, if you have purchased limited data and watched a video on YouTube, you have to evaluate how much data is being consumed, whether necessary or unnecessary.

Does YouTube use data?
Yes, YouTube uses mobile data. Apart from making calls or sending SMS, most of the work done by the smartphone consumes data. However, your phone should not be connected to Wi-Fi at that time.

While using the messaging app WhatsApp, using social media accounts, streaming music on Spotify, and watching videos, the average user’s phone consumes data. Therefore, reducing data usage has become a very important issue for many.

Why does YouTube use that much data?
The answer is easy. The process of transmitting the video to you is a ‘heavy operation’. Video is made up of a combination of thousands of pixels, which are changing every second. This means there is a lot of information that has to go through the internet to reach your device.

So how much data does YouTube consume?
How much data YouTube consumes depends on the quality of the video you watch. Most mobile apps provide the facility to watch videos of different quality.

In particular, the YouTube mobile app supports videos from 144p to 2160p (4K quality). But in terms of 4K video, there should be a phone that supports this quality.

How do I track YouTube data consumption?
If you want to see how much data YouTube has consumed, both Android and iPhone devices provide that data. You can see how much data an app has consumed by going to the mobile settings and searching for ‘mobile data usage’.

If YouTube consumes more data, how can we reduce it?
You can completely prevent YouTube from consuming data. But you don’t do that because you have to watch YouTube videos. But there are other ways, so that you can watch YouTube videos even with less data.

As soon as you open the YouTube mobile app, the videos will start playing automatically. This is because the Auto Play setting is turned on. When this setting is on, YouTube consumes more data.

In that case, it’s best if you don’t do this to save data. This way, you can reduce data usage by paying attention to small things.

I think you will be clear about those things that happen to YouTube, getting a lot of points from what I wrote here. I hope all people will know these things to do. But YouTube has its own platform and data server, which work on its own Internet.

If you were using the data server, you could have a limited time period using the internet to survive. But YouTube also has a data server that collects data analytics to work on it.

I hope you will understand it well for this one. I hope you will never forget this one. I hope you will share these things.

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