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When was Guru Nanak died 2023When was Guru Nanak died 2023

When was Guru Nanak died 2023 On 22 September 1539, Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism died aged 70 at Kartarpur in present-day Pakistan. Guru Nanak Dev is one of the most revered Gurus because of his noble teachings. On this day lot of people will feel sad and miss it out. 

Each and every year this Guru Nanak is celebrated under this Kartik Purinma month. There is a lot of inspiration and history happening under the Guru Nanak day which the people followed up there. To this day he cannot live anymore on this earth. 

On this day they can pray and wish great for a long blessing from him. A lot of people will be taught by us and inspired stories will be shared in time to be published as a book or magazine to writing in book. Guru Nanak could not anymore after a few years accident period of time he died but the people celebrated this day. 

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