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Why do Nepali's Go Abroad in 2023Why do Nepali's Go Abroad in 2023

Why do Nepali’s Go Abroad in 2023 Many people left because of their homes. Everyone has their reasons for going abroad. People like Dharai have gone to the Gulf Quarter. I left my family because of money. He has gone with the moneylender’s loan. The earned money is paid to the moneylender after going abroad. And sending money to family is fine. I have also seen many people what happens abroad and there are no jobs in our country Nepal and the Nepali government cannot provide jobs to Nepalis.

The government of Nepal has made fortunes for the people of the young generation of Bhakkar for foreigners. If we go abroad, we can earn money. The remittance of money from abroad to Nepal has increased significantly. Our country also runs because of remit. If Nepalis do not go abroad, how will our country be, sir, you should think for yourself.

Even now, I will go abroad after completing the plus two. And you dream of becoming a money maker. But people here do not know what the effect is on thinking. People are not even found to work in the country. You should go to the village if there are no workers at home to work.

The number of people going abroad is also increasing day by day. Even now, what the government is looking at, the people may not love the government. This government may have kept it quiet. The government has not done anything. Even small jobs are not given by the government to the people. Even if it is made into a lamp, it is given to the people at a low rate.

You should go to any golden place in Nepal where people you know are also there. They also make fortunes in politics to people they know. Even today, people go abroad to do what they do in their own country and come back with hopes that the people of this country are not even allowed to do it. 

Many fields in Nepal are also difficult to work in. But people don’t even ring. There is work in our country, but nothing is given to the people by the government. The government should impose this work on Nepali people as well. The government should also give what they do in their country. There are still reports of Nepalis going abroad. Day by day, people go to foreign countries by taking them to the airport.

Is money raised abroad and the same money raised abroad does not come. It takes work to do that. In the present time, the people of the village have been left to work. They are left to stay at home and work in their fields. Even now, Nepali termites have not been affected.

Now everyone’s sons and daughters have gone abroad. People are also stranded abroad. He used to collect money from the agents here. The agent also hit us the people. It is also possible to work hard here. Even now I have seen towards my house. We still don’t even know how to do that.

He will bring money even if he goes abroad. But money is not the reason why. We have to do everything because of money. How do you like abroad? If you go abroad for your own reasons, you will get a job abroad, but we Nepalis can work with our small salary.

If the Nepali people are going like this, there will be no young generation people in the country. What the government is doing to send its sons and daughters abroad is to earn money. Nepalis have been made to work in the hot sun of foreign countries. Still, the government has to control this. Some people have made a passport for their business. Here you have to pay for people who want to do their business.

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