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Gosaikunda Yatra in 2080: My Dream Place Reaching Gosaikunda, Nepal, it held onto moving from Pokhara to Gosaikunda, a place in Rasuwa district of Nepal, with the Bagmati Province of Nepal. Last month, on August 28, we moved from Pokhara in the evening with nighttime moves under this place.

A lot of people will be collected from the place of Pokhara Valley to move forward to the Prthivi Highway Road. Some people will be made late to stand at their own location. But the people cannot wait for a longer time to wait for people there.

Some people will make calls to the owner if those who handle this case are there. More than 40 people will make their own bus stay there. Even the people will be excited to move forward to reach this place.

The next day we arrived at the Dumse Bazar of Gasaikunda. Within 2 p.m., at mid-afternoon, we had arrived due to the bus becoming a problem while we were moving up the hills ring road area to break down the problem over there. Even the owner person will make their own local busy to move on there. The. Half an hour ago, we arrived at this place over there.

After arriving in Dumse Bazar, we had been eating some food over at the hotel place there. Even we aren’t made to eat food for launch over there because we need to walk a foot up hills there. During the Dumse Bazar, some Army people will be checking the new user and gosaikunda Yatra. They will check their health condition to see if she or he is moving or not into the gosaikunda Yatra.

Even the army will be said to be within a middle part of the place we have our teams will give you another medicine if you haven’t taken one for here. Even the army will help with the old people who haven’t moved up to the top level to arrive there.

After a finesh for all those from the Dumse bazaar, we move on to Deurali place to stay over in a hotel there. Then we stay within the 5 hours we had been taken to arrive at this place and go there. Some of our team friends will be taking walks there. When I arrived at Deurali, I called the owner, who told me that I needed to book a 10 person stay in a hotel. But I have arranged to manage the owner hotel person, but the people will come there, but they will look for a cheap rate to stay at another hotel place there.

After the next day, we have arrived and are moving forward for another location to move under this place. From Deurali morning time (5 a.m.), we started to move on. We had been arriving to reach out on our own finally, but we haven’t arrived at the Buddha Mandir place to homestay over there. But the home stay isn’t good for us. I take some dinner over, but the dinner isn’t good for us. Within a night we spent over, but I have slept nicely due to the heavy cool that feels it out of my body there. It isn’t warm enough to sleep there.

After a month, we awoke at 2:30 a.m. to find some of the people we had bee talk with there. Even that person will be joining us, and we will also be joining them. All people will be made to wake up, and then all those things we can take and bag all those we had been managing over there. Before days, arrange all those things while at the temple place.

After a long one hour, we have arrived at the distance place to make a bath over on the lakeside there. Some people will be going there. Some people will still take baths on the lake’s pond side. Even the father’s condition isn’t well while making a bath. Even I want to take a bath there but haven’t shot a video over there. After morning time, I shot a video with perfect weather, which will be seen there. Some of Hilicopeter will be there.

Even we have been entering the temple there. All those we have met there We had met with one of our friends and were staying in this location. He will make arrangements to take hot water and tea to make us warm there. Then, after we take some photos and images, we shoot them there. Even he can move his own previous place to stay over to see the view of mountains and hills on the other side.

After a half hour, we had a breakfast there, then made a non-stop walk forward to Dumse Bazar under those days. Even the problem will happen while down on the floor doing a walk under or move on there. But the people will be slow to talk about new things and make interesting things to share with them there.

After 13 hours, we need to reach our own gosaikunda place from the Dumse bazaar to stay over there. Since morning, you need to be awake there. Then you will be directed to this location. Before going under this place, I saw a lot of videos of what goes on there. I see all those things there.

I arrive under the dream to make fulfilled to meet a god over there. Even I will have luck to arrive with my mother and father under this place. Next time, we also want to move forward and go under this place there. But in the future, we need to go there.

My journey was good and nice while walking a foot over this in Gosaikunda, Nepal. I hope you will be arriving at Janai Purnima Place in Gosaikunda each and every year. Unexpected screams were heard over there. Even at Lord Shiva’s place, it was much more difficult to stay over there. I hope thousands of people will go under this during this 2080 B.S. in Nepal.

While the travel hasn’t been drenched with rainfall, the weather was good to move under this travel time. Finally, I arrive at my dream place, Gosaikunda, in Nepal. With the biggest high in Nepal.

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