Visiting Simalchaur Tarakgaun in Kaski 2023

Visiting Simalchaur Tarakgaun in Kaski 2023 I will arrive at this place in the afternoon time we had been reaching out to this place. A few weeks ago we visited this place go there. There are some problems happening in the mill House to check out there.

We had been arriving at 1:30pm in day time with the scooter vehicle to reach there. Even the owner’s wife and husband will be also lived in their own home stay waiting for the mister to working into there.

We had been open the mill part to check out there. Even we have been checking the current line over there. Even the father will be checking all current lines of supply to check there. Even if we take a long time within an hour it will be fixed there.

Even one month we had been visiting this place to check up on the machinery over there. Even this place vlogs I will be sharing to update here. Even the video will be already published on my channel. Simalchaur is the most popular place if rice paddy into the summer season the people will be busy into the farmer to make an agriculture fields to see there. Even the land where make landscape side of the rice paddy area was seen this place there.

I will also be taking a cup of tea over there. Even the owner’s wife will be given much more sugar in the tea to take there. Even the owner of the mill person will be said to me,” sir”. Even I will be able to make a laugh myself while saying like this speak with me there. Since previous days I have been making to laugh myself over while taking into the launch time.

My father will be making angry when I see his mobile phone to see the YouTube video there. Even he will be speaking Nonsense sentence will be speaking to me. Even I close the mobile phone there. Even I will make see the working into there.

I hope I will be make spending over this time in the afternoon time to see you there. Even the owner will be confused in the morning time while the mill will get problems to happen to see there. Even if he will be made trying to make fixed that problem to solve but he will get tension over the mill side there. Even he will be calling to my father you will coming into my place to check there.

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