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Is Man the Enemy of MankindIs Man the Enemy of Mankind

Is Man the Enemy of Mankind As it is in our society that people do what people say. I have been treated in my own family that I do not like to speak to others and listen to others. One of my family members is determined to be angry with that person. There are also people who get angry at what others have done that is not good for them. There are also those who are blind to the pain and happiness of others.

I am talking about my own life. I don’t care about other people, I only care about myself. I don’t care what others say. Who I am is only me. It’s only in my mind. If that person does it like that, it is better to let him do it. I just want to do my job. I also get angry when I talk about my personal. I also feel that I did not get the support of my father. This has taught me new things in life.

I have fun at what time. Which is not fun at all. I couldn’t even think of myself. I don’t even know where I am and what I should do. Sometimes I think I’ve done my job, but I’ve never been good enough to do it. I would also like to work on YouTube videos and blogging. I really want to emphasize that. I also like to learn new things in those jobs. New things make me want to work. Have fun with it.

I have always checked the earnings of YouTube and the earnings of the website. I like to work on websites like Dharai. I like to do it when I am alone. Things are playing in my mind. I wrote what I played in my language and translated it and put it in my blog post. I don’t like interrupting people. And I don’t care what other people do.

You don’t even have to keep those things in mind. If you keep it in your mind, you will always remember it. But people’s thoughts and opinions are different. After being born as a human being, you have to think about everything. As a human being, you have to decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong.

Still there are people in Nepali society who get angry if others do good work. And if that person is doing bad things, then that person is very happy. No matter what happens, our children should also be loved.

If you think good things and don’t do bad things, this Nepali society would be better. But it’s good only for a few days, after the person who has money has lost his mind on something else, he wants to do it when he wakes up. I don’t like people who wake up. And it is not good to talk about other people’s sons and daughters. He wished that others would be good and whatever others do would be good for that person.

Don’t take what one person says and focus on your own work, it will bring you success. Others have taken other people’s sons and daughters to see them disappear. He used to cry when he woke up in his house after listening to other people’s talk. And after taking Nyasha’s body, the man is about to cry.

Don’t worry about others doing good and doing good. He did what others wanted to do. Nepali people are nice but after talking between women, other things are played. That thing gives support to a person that only the mouth can do. There is nothing else to do in this society. I saw a man holding me. What you have done sir, you have to do it yourself.

I enjoy when I want to enjoy myself but my heart tells me to do it but I can’t do it for my family. A man is a bitch to a man. It is not good to please people. If you give some money as a reward, then you don’t have to worry about who will give it to you in the next day. That person has insulted you himself, other people have solved it.

I am a blogger and I am hoping that I will continue to improve my life by being a blogger. That’s about me. It’s also the way I do things. I have to upload new items every day. He is also a person who keeps me thinking about new things. I have also done a lot of Welchome from the heart to the new person.

Which person has a broken heart. That person is never good but that person is also taken by money. After all, people have to talk about people’s thoughts. People should never be negative about people, they should always be positive. People who do negativity are only slandering others and talking about themselves.

People are angry. Anger happens to all people. But after being human, you have to think about good things. You have to support your family too, if your family supports you then you don’t have to do anything. If family is not above you, you will be alone. Whatever other people have done, you have to go after that person. Whether that person is right or not, you can only think about it yourself.

I have never had any happy moments. I don’t even know if I’m happy. It may take a long time for a woman to find that happiness. If you talk about that happiness, I feel better than ever. If that person comes to the house and interrupts the son of that person, that person may not have come and may not be in front of me. I have also asked myself what my man is.

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